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5 December 1984
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My name's Robert. I'm 24 years old and live in Springfield Missouri. It's a nice town, there's just not much to do. You'd probably catch me hanging out downtown in a coffee house or out having a drink with friends. I work retail but do freelance DJing on the side. I have a really strange and fun sense of humor, as evidenced by some of my posts. I forget to update sometimes, especially when my life gets busy...so you'll notice some major holes between posting dates.

I don't deal in drama or anything of the sort...so if you're looking for some, I'm sorry but you're in the wrong place. I tend not to be picky about who goes on my friends list, I'm not so uptight and conceited that I'm going to screen potential blogging buddies. Just add me and I'll probably add you right back. I'm not prone to removing people from my FList, so you should never see any of those "I'm taking people off my FList, no offense" posts. If I ever do, it'll probably just be because of me getting removed from their FList first or trolling.

If you post nothing but Twitter updates, I probably won't add you here (I run a script to remove those entries from my FList) ...but feel free to add me on Twitter! Username: ColorOfSakura


Thespian - Lullaby of Broadway
Lullaby // La Boheme

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Wakka & Tidus are in love.
(Taken from the wonderful kenji_ikido!)

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RENT is Seasons Of Love.

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WICKED is For Good.

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